Dear God, instead of letting people die...

13. january 2013 at 0:30 | Anni. |  updates
Dear God, instead of letting people die
and having to make new ones,
why don't You just keep the ones You have?

Hi guys. I am so angry. Sad. Horrified. Destroyed. Desperate. Disgusted.
No. New Year 2013 is deffinitely not gonna be better. Because it is screwed up just few days after.
I can't stop think about what happened and it is the worst thing which happened in my entire life.
Nikdy jsem si nemyslela, že něco takového zažiju. Je to strašný, příšerný, děsivý, neskutečný...
Two people I know are dead. They were from my school. One of them from my class. I still can't believe it.
* * * * * * * *
Anyway. I really don't want to talk about that deeper... about what really happened... It's still inside of me and I probably will never disapear. I will remember it my entire life. It is hard, but life continues. I would like to stop the time... just for a moment. I would need that. Just cry and cry and try to handle it. You know... and than, the life could continue.. but now it's too hard. I feel like I'd have a huge hole in my chest... like somebody ripped out my heart and crush it. They were not my best friends, but I knew them for a long time and it is really weird.

Abych trochu změnila téma... chci se zeptat, jak jste strávili Vánoce?
To change the topic, how about Christmas and New Year celebration?
Já celkem v pohodě, jen to bylo všechno hrozně šílený... hrozně moc příbuzných a tak... ale jinak fajne, dostala jsem spoustu super věcí... jednou z nich byla i kniha, Ještě než umřu, což je teď možná trochu nevkusný... ale musím říct, že se mi ta knížka hrozně moc líbila. Before I die is great book... even if I cried during last fourty pages. And another thing I was really excited about is complete DVD edition of Harry Potter series. And I felt like this, when opened this gift...:

Anyway...:D This is the best animation :D
By the way. Did you see The Hobbit? I did actually:D
Jo, už třikrát no:D Byla jsem na něm třikrát v kině. Jsem cvok, já vím:D
Ale já jsem to nečetla, takže jsem nadšená no:D Chci si to ale přečíst, páč se bojim, jakto skončí. Totálně jsem se zamilovala do Kiliho, Filiho a Thorina, ale bojim se, že všichni umřou... ale neřikejte mi to. Já vim, že je to kniha/film, ale mě to vždycky hrozně sebere.
Thanks to The Hobbit I wanna see The Mortal Instruments more:D Because the guy who plays Kili - Aidan Turner - plays there too. And I totally fell in love with him. He's awesome:D And Fili and Thorin too, oh god, I love that movie so much, I can't help myself :D

Well, I made some animations. I have new amazing program. So I am really excited about that.
Vážně jsem, už jsem udělala asi milion animaček :D trochu mi z toho hrabe. Úplně jsem si zapráskala Céčkovej disk screencapsama:D šílený. No nic... mám pro vás i nějakou grafiku... Just two pieces... i hope you'll like it.

World Behind a Mirror - This is a wallpaper or.. how should I call it, based on one story... it is a story which was actually made up by me. But I was never able to finish it. You know, I write mostly for fun... like this one, it was made for fun... but I found this photo of Jannel Devlin, and I fell in love with it. I colored her hair and I needed to use it. So I hope you like it.

Don't be alone, Doctor - I have actually two versions of this wallpaper. Here is the second one. I just couldn't decide, which one is better. Can you? Anyway... I made this wallpeper after I've seen episode 5 from the 7th season of Doctor Who... after this episode I decided to stop watch that series even if I love it so much. Yes, I watch Doctor Who. And I am not ashamed of it, I love that series, we truly love that... me and my father. But I hate that fact that Amy and Rory are not there anymore. I actually was quite sad about that Doctor Who changed from David Tennant to Matt Smith actually. But now I just got used to that fact and I have to say that I fell in love with "new" Doctor. But that doesn't change that I hate that Rory and Amy are gone. So I decided to not watch that anymore... and I am really nosy, how long it will last... :D

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