Before I die, I would like to... no.1

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Hi guys. How are you? I'm fine, just bored a little. I wanna go out but in the same time I wanna stay home and watch Olympic Games. Takže jsem vážně rozpolcena, jestli někam jít nebo se na to vykašlat. Well, tomorrow I go for sure and on Saturday too. I have opportunity to go to pool today. I was yesterday with my dad, I can go today to my friend's place... but I'm not sure if I want to. Wel, I will think about that... Maybe I will write her and she'll tell me that she can't. It would be better, 'cause I feel like a bitch when I'm always the one who doesn't want to come.

Jsem totiž typ člověka, kterýho někdo musí vykopat. Když nemá někdo tu sílu mě vykopat, tak se kousnu a nikam nejdu. But today I wrote her a message and she's not at home, so I'm going tomorrow:D Problem solved...:D
Well, I didn't have time for any graphic yet, because I was in Spain with me two best friends. But I decided to start publish articles like this one. My perfect bucket list... things, which I would like to do... before I die. These pictures are all from amazing site :)
Some of these wishes don't need explanation. Everyone wants to find his other half. I wanna fall in love, I wanna get married, have beautiful family... I don't know many people who have different idea of their life. I don't need a big house, so much money... I need just someone to love, family and friends are the most important thing in my life. More important than the vision of beautiful man next to me. But still, I would like to meet my other half.

Yeah. I would love to! I hate spiders, I'm fucking afraid of them! I would love to overcome this fear.

That's probably the wish number 1. Survive high school. I have to pass just one year. The last year. The most difficult, the most important... the year I'm afraid of so much. If I survive hight school I will probably survive everything.
Naše společnost je nemocná.
I'm sick of this world. How can someone go to the cinema during Dark Knight premiere and start shooting to people? How can be someone so sick? And how can someone even kill other people because they like it? And on the other side... one little six-year-old girl died in there. She should be in bad, sleeping, not at midnight Dark Knight premiere!
I'm sick of world, I'm sick of our society, I would love to change the world and the worst thing is, that I don't have power for change whole world.
This is one of my biggest dreams. Write a book. I'm working on it. It's pretty hard. But I love writing, I love it and I decided to write a book, I will do it. I'm strong enough! :D
Awwwwwwwww! I wanna meet him! I do anything for it! I love him so so so so so so so much!

Just be happy.
No one is happy always. But it's good to be happy sometimes. And I am.
But everyone wants to be happy always. Me too.

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