August 2012

There is a town in Maine.

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Tady vypadám trochu jak takový ty růžový lolitky :D
But I wanted to show my new lipstick:) I love it.
Miluju červenou, takže miluju i výrazný červený rtěnky.
But this photo is out of my style, it's just a parody:D I'm not that kind of person:D
I was in Spain with my two best friends. It was totally amazing, but... I don't have mood for long articles today, maybe another time... we'll see:D
Nemám nějak náladu na dlouhý vykecávání, tak přejdu rovnou ke grafice:D No ještě malinko oklikou:D

I fell in love with a new series again. With Once upon a time. I'm actually pissed off right now, because I've seen the episode where Graham died and I hate it, he was my favorite character, I loved him and now, he's gone. I'm mad at screenwriters. I thought that he could become to life after the curse will be broken, but probably not, once he's dead, he's dead forever. I hate it, I will miss him so much:( Well, anyway, I still love the series and I'm still watching. I actually wanned to start watch some series because of graphic, 'cause I don't have anything from what I could do my arts, I'm out of inspiration. So I watcher first 10 minutes of Game of Thrones and first 10 minutes of Once Upon a Time to choose one. Well, my choice is obvious. Here are my current arts...

Zamilovala jsem se do novýho seriálu. Do Once upon a time. No momentálně jsem vlastně dost nasraná, protože jsem viděla díl, ve kterym umře Graham - má oblíbená postava - takže mě to fakt vytočilo, milovala jsem ho, tolik jsem chtěla, aby si vzpomněl a když se tak stalo, tak bum a konec? Jako WTF? To mě docela dorazil. Jsem naštvaná, ale rozhodně to neznamená, že přestanu koukat, na to jsem moc zvědavá. No jak to vlastně vzniklo? No... ve skutečnosti jsem se začla koukat kvůli grafice, páč mi nějak chyběla inspirace a vůle nějakou grafiku dělat. No kniha, film nebo seriál mě vždycky dokáže nakopnout...:D a taky nakopl. Pustila jsem si prvních 10 minut Games of Thrones a prvních 10 minut Once, že si jedno vyberu, no moje volba byla prozrazena už tím nadpisem:D Měla jsem náladu spíš na něco pohádkovýho než na něco, kde v prvních 10 minutách choděj oživlý mrtvoly a někomu tam dost naturalisticky useknou hlavu...:D jako ne, že bych si myslela, že je to špatný, ale v tuhle dobu mi prostě víc sedlo Once upon a time... tak doufám, že se vám bude grafika líbit:)

Breaking Dawn - This is made as a design for one of my sites. Well, I quite like it. I made from the first version this wallpaper... it could be better, but I still quite like it. I hope, you like it too. I still like The Twilight Saga, I will ever like it, so I chose Breaking Dawn topic. What do you think?

The Beat Generation - Well... there is a movie with Kristen Stewart I want to watch. This blend is made for... actually for me, I was just bored and I loved this photoshood, so I opened Photoshop a did this. No big deal. I actually don't very like it, but I hope you do.

Emma Swan - Jennifer Morrison was for a long time my favorite actress. But it's a long time ago. The time I watched and loved House M.D. is already gone. It lost the spirit, I still like it, but I don't actually love it anymore. But she's staring in a new series by CW, in Once upon a time, in a serie, I started to watch a fell in love with it. She's not my favorite character, my favorite character died in episode 7, bud she's on the second place with Henry, together. I love those promotional pictures, so I decided to make some art, hope you like it. Blue. Again. But I love this color. Not as much as red, but still, I love blue:)

We belong together - Oh God, more than two hours and I made such a stupid mistake at this wallpaper, I hate it! :D Well... no one from people I showed this wallpaper didn't find the mistake I was talking about before I told them what exactly is wrong... but still, I know about it and that freaks me out:D Anyway, another wallpaper with Once upon a time topic, now with a pair, with Snow White and Prince Charming/Mary Margaret and David. I hope you like it, it was really hard to finish it.

Before I die, I would like to... no.1

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Hi guys. How are you? I'm fine, just bored a little. I wanna go out but in the same time I wanna stay home and watch Olympic Games. Takže jsem vážně rozpolcena, jestli někam jít nebo se na to vykašlat. Well, tomorrow I go for sure and on Saturday too. I have opportunity to go to pool today. I was yesterday with my dad, I can go today to my friend's place... but I'm not sure if I want to. Wel, I will think about that... Maybe I will write her and she'll tell me that she can't. It would be better, 'cause I feel like a bitch when I'm always the one who doesn't want to come.

Jsem totiž typ člověka, kterýho někdo musí vykopat. Když nemá někdo tu sílu mě vykopat, tak se kousnu a nikam nejdu. But today I wrote her a message and she's not at home, so I'm going tomorrow:D Problem solved...:D
Well, I didn't have time for any graphic yet, because I was in Spain with me two best friends. But I decided to start publish articles like this one. My perfect bucket list... things, which I would like to do... before I die. These pictures are all from amazing site :)
Some of these wishes don't need explanation. Everyone wants to find his other half. I wanna fall in love, I wanna get married, have beautiful family... I don't know many people who have different idea of their life. I don't need a big house, so much money... I need just someone to love, family and friends are the most important thing in my life. More important than the vision of beautiful man next to me. But still, I would like to meet my other half.