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17. june 2012 at 16:55 | Anni. |  updates
Do you think I'm ugly?
Když jsem začala fotit tyhle web cam fotky, chvílema jsem si i říkala, že nejsem.
But then, I look inside of mirror... and... I am not as sure that I am not. I have horrible teeth:D
Ale nechci rovnátka. Ne proto, že bych přímo nechtěla, ale přijde mi to jako blbost teď na tu maturitu. Because it will hurt. Pokaždý, když půjdu k zubaři, tak mě to pak bude bolet. I know that... but still, I'm not sure if I want to let my teeth look like this whole my life. Jo, já vím, že to podle Carrie ani podle nikoho vlastně:D není tak hrozný, ale prostě mám předkus no... And it makes me crazy, when I'm watching movies and TV series and everyone there has perfect teeth. Já vím, že zuby fakt nejsou to nejdůležitější, ale připadám si jak kobyla:D Really, and tha't not funny! Maybe just a little:D Vlastně na týhle fotce vypadam jak magor... :D I look like a jerk in every picture from my web cam actually.
Ale myslím, že to asi každej :D

I didn't write for a long time again, hm? Jo já vím, jsem vážně děsná, ale nemůžu si pomoct. When I don't have a graphic, I don't have a will for writing articles. Měla bych se začít zaměřovat i na něco jinýho než grafiku... But for other things I have other blogs. Mám příliš mnoho stránek, to je ten problém. But now I have two walpapers, so I decided to write. Na víkend je teď u nás známá a já včera přijela z cyklokurzu... Really great! I loved that but... I almost died. Bylo to fakt krutý, protože jsme toho vážně najezdili hodně. But it was the last school event which was longer than one day, so I enjoyed that. Příští rok maturuju a mám z toho fakt docela bobky vám povím. Letos jsme se koukali na maturity a moc mě to neuklidnilo. Anyway, I have for you two wallpaper, I hope you will like it... Možná jednoho dne napíšu i nějakej zajímavej článek, ale nějak nemám moc náladu na román... Ale nedávno jsem viděla novej film Kristen Stewart, Snow White and the Huntsman a ten byl fakt skvělej. Už jsem ho viděla dvakrát a miluju ho:) That movie - Snow White and the Huntsman - is amazing. Especially Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman:D Můžu jen doporučit :)

Rue - I had a dream about The Hunger Games today. That's actually the reason why I decided to write an article here, because I didn!t write for a long time. This wallpaper is pretty old. I made it a week after I saw The Hunger Games what was... I don't know, two months ago? I did not read the book yet, but I fell in love with Rue. She's awesome, cute and lovely. The actress is amazing and I love her. So I decided to make this wallpaper and I still have it as background on my descop, because I think, it is good. And my friend and my mom like that. I hope, you will too. The text is original from the book, the song which Katniss sang to Rue when she was dying...

Dimitri Belikov - or like I'm saying, Dimitrij Belikov, because in the Czech translate it's Dimitrij. Classic. I fell in love with Richelle Mead's books, with Vampire Academy and especially with Dimitri. I love him and I am still trying to find photos of someone, who looks like him. At least a little. Well, my friend, Carrie, told me that I should try to find some photos of Tyler Blackburn (he plays Caleb in Pretty Little Liars)... so I tried and found those photos and I can say that it's not bad... I mean, he is not bad... just some photos are good, but these are those which are good, but still, it's not him, you know..:D And the wallpaper... I made it on my new notebook... I had 18th birthday and this was the biggest and the best gift, but I didn't have mouse, so I had to make it by cursor... so that was quite hard, but I think that it doesn't look so bad... or does it? And the text? My favorite quote from the first book...: If I let myself love you I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.

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1 Carrie Carrie | 18. june 2012 at 3:03 | React

For me, four years with braces (rovnátka) were four years of misery. Trust me. I didn't want to smile or laugh because of them. I couldn't chew a gum, I couln't eat carrots, cucumbers etc. in one piece.
Every time I saw my orthodontologist and he made little adjustments to my braces, my whole mouth used to hurt like hell for the whole week after (or as I call it, the yoghurt week). I mean it, even consuming a roll was painful.
Your teeth look fine. The little gap between your front teeth is cute and nobody will ever notice your little overbite. Just stop worrying about your teeth.
I don't think you're ugly. You know, I have always wished that I could look a little bit like you. It's true. You have perfect skin. Your hair doesn't split at the ends. You don't wear glasses. You don't have weird eye color.
And lately, I've decided that I want to be a beautiful swan instead of an ugly ducking. So I've started to clean my skin three times every day, I wear make-up, I wear mascara, eye-liner, eye-shadows and lip gloss. I use special hair oil and I wear my curls more often. I'm going to wear contact lenses. Okay, there's nothing I can do about my weird eye color, but whatever.
I'm just saying that if you want to look different, you have a chance. :-) Embrace it. :-) Be the beautiful swan. :-)
I know it's possible. Even though I'm not there quite yet, I'm trying. :-)
Oh, I've just thought about a great self-confidence increase - buy a summer dress with an empire waist (empírový pas). It looks like this: http://pics3.esprit.de/Shop/PicProductFlatView/042CC1E020_658.jpg . The waistline is right beneath your breasts. It makes you look thinner, I swear. All my summer dresses have an empire waist and it's amazing. Just buy one. You'll love it. Just be sure to buy a cotton one (bavlněné).

2 Carrie Carrie | 18. june 2012 at 3:19 | React

I've dreamed about the Hunger Games as well. I remember that I was a tribute and Peeta and Katniss were there. It was kind of scary. I was afraid that Careers might find me.
I actually have really weird dreams. I talk to people all the time, but it's not really talking. It's hard to describe. I don't hear any sounds. It's like their words were in my mind and my words in theirs. Telepathy, I think. And it's also strange that I often realize that there is something wrong about the dream - but not when I wake up, but while I'm still dreaming. I usually tell the people in the dream that something is wrong, but they usually say "Don't worry about it."

3 Anni. Anni. | Web | 24. june 2012 at 0:48 | React

God, Carrie, you don't have weird eye color, your eyes are beautiful! Do you know what color has got my mom? Green with brown dots. No, I'm not kidding. That's what I call WEIRD eye color:D I like yours;) really, it's true;)
Yeah, my hair doesn't split at the ends, that's true. And I don't think my teeth are so bad either. I think that braces could make my teeth look better, but... i don't know, I probably don't want to go through all the pain and problems which come with it. My mom has bigger overbite and she is happy, so what? :D I decide to don't care about my teeth so much anymore.
I'm not sure if I can be a beautiful swan but I'm sure that I can stop being an ugly duck. And about the dress, I love it actually, I have enough money now, so I may buy some. But I have to try them first, of course.
And my dream about Hunger Games was so strange. It was about the second movie, I guess. Even if I didn't read it. Just about what you told me, but it was really weird version of second book, I guess:D Peeta and Katniss were there, but Gale too and everyone wanted to go to the arena as a volunteer... :D crazy dream. All my dreams are crazy, sometimes it's better than cinema:D What is very often happening to me in dreams, that I find out, that I'm just sleeping and I will wake up while I'm still dreaming and I am actually the one who is saying: Don't worry about it, it's just a dream. :D

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