April 2012

"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today."

4. april 2012 at 22:01 | Anni. |  updates
[Ed Sheeran - Tha A Team]

Hello everybody.
Yeah, I'm alive! GREAT, right?
I think so:D How are you?
You could notice that I changed layout. Jo jo, změnila no, tamten už mě nebavil. I was bored, so I did this one. It's just a little different color verson of this wallpaperZrovna jsem zjistila, že se mi asi samy smazaly nějaký články, no nevadí. I was not here for a long time and I actually didn't make any new graphic. I didn't have mood for it. I had something like crisis. And I didn't have time too. Za zmínku stojí tak možná tři wallpery. Yeah, I have for you three wallpapers today, but I like just the last one actually:D Well, and one collage or blend, which I quite like, because it's simple, for my friend Carrie to her site which we may have:D Ale jinak to nestojí za řeč. Nějaký avatary zveřejním, až jich bude víc... to je myslím celkem rozumný, páč mám jeden.

Well... maybe I should ask you how are you, so... Jak se máte? I'm fine, I have many news actually... but I'm to lazy to write about them right now. The most important probably is, that I'm going to die... No, I'm just kidding, but school is truly killing me:D Jako nekecám, je to vážně děs. But I'm proud of my B- from chemistry. That's cool, I have B- in spite the fact that I almost didn't learn that:D Just a little. Oh god, já fakt nikdy nevím, kdy použít despite a kdy in spite... je to vůbec rozdíl? Ani nevím. Vždycky jsem používala hlavně despite. Another big news? Hmm... yeah, I have one! I'm going to Red Hot Chili Peppers! They will play in Prague, I'm so excited! Wait, did I already told you or not? I think I did, but I'm not sure:D Well, do I have another plans for this summer? Jasně, že mám! Hell YEAH, I'm going to Spain with my two my great friends, for two weeks and it's gonna be AWESOME! Jo, bude to fakt legendární, už se nemůžu dočkat! :) And, another plan, I will go to Bruce Springsteen's concert with my mom...:D I promised her, so I have to. Another important changes in my life? Yes, I have one... Ale nechci o tom mluvit, ještě je to moc čerstvý, nechci se v tom rejpat, takže to radši nechám být. Enough talking, I have for you my arts and I hope you'll like them...:

Look into my eyes no. 1 - this one is based on one of my stories which I didn't even start to write, I have just and idea, but I'm trying to think about that more, before I will start... and because I did want to do a graphic, I made this wallpaper. I actually don't like it much, but... it's part of my arts, part of my work, so...

Look into my eyes no. 2 - On the other hand, this one is based on the same topic, but I like it more. It's not just another version, it's almost completely different and I quite like it, I think that something is missing, that the text could be better but the whole wallpaper is... good I think. It is made after one tutorial, which I read on livingdeadgirl.delirious-soul.net.

Katniss Everdeen - another character wallper. Well, I was with my friend Carrie in the cinema... and we went to see The Hunger Games... and I totally fell in love with that, really, I like it a lot, so that day, or maybe the other day, I did this wallpaper with the main character - Katniss Everdeen and I think that it's pretty good, isn't it? I like it. You know, I usually don't like my arts a lot but this one is good I think.

READ! - The last one is just a blend... it's really simple, but I quite like it, maybe just because it's simple. Well I did this one for Carrie and she told me she wants there this quote, so I wrote it there and I actually like it, but I'm one of those persons which are able to do many, many things, the time is coming too fast and in the end of the day they find out that they didn't read anything. AGAIN! But I wanna change that. I will read more:)