"I think everybody is nuts." - Johnny Depp

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[Janet Devlin - X-factor audition - Elton John; Your song]
This girl is really great. I love this song by her. It's from Britain X-factor. I love it. Really.

Eat me please!
How can I say no?
I love chocolate.
I'm obsessed about chocolate.
I shoudn't eat chocolate but I have to.
I'm fat and I know it... but... it's reall obsession.
Talking about obsessions...
I am obsessed about Johnny Depp. Truly. I'm actually obsessed about many things.
But few weeks ago I've seen one movie. Chocolat. It is hard for me watch this movie... because I'm obsessed about chocolate... :D but I'm obsessed about Johnny Depp too and he plays there... so... that means... Chocolat is perfect movie for me. I love it...:D And Johnny is there really HOT!
Why am I talking about Johnny Depp?
Actually it's because of two new arts. One has got two versions. So three collages with Johnny Depp. I never do blends (collages). Ever. Really. I'm not good at it. I like wallpapes, I love doing design for my sits, I like avatars but I don't do collages... well... few days ago I did one... and on Saturday I did another one. With Johnny Depp. I like especially the first one. It's in "collage style"... the second one is kind of... small wallpaper. I didn't make a collage for a long time. So I hope you'll like it. I quite like it but especially because Johnny is in them...:D

I think everybody is nuts - I love this quote. It's Johnny's quote of course. He's an amazing actor, I really like him. No, that's not strong enough. I truly love him.

I'm not sure I'm adult yet - Another Johnny Depp's quote which I really like. I always make arts with some quotes... "Always" in the meaning that I'm doing it often last time... I started to do it regularly couple of months... I always did that sometimes. Doesn't matter... I have two versions. This is the second one< But the red one is better I think:D

Frostbite - Quote from this wallpaper is too long for a name... and for a link... soo :D Whole quote is: "There's nothing worse than waiting and not knowing what will happen to you. Your own imagination can be crueler than any captor." - Rose Hathaway. This is probably the last wallpaper with Rosemarie Hathaway as Odette Yustman because I have many photos which I will use in future but not with Odette... Anyway I think she's quite good but not perfect... maybe I found better choice. There is not just Odette in this art... but mostly it's her. I don't like this wallpaper actually. I really don't. But I didn't know what I should do with that so I let it be... and this is the final version... Character wallper of Rosemarie Hathaway from Vampyre Academy with a topic of the second book - Frostbite. It should be... my idea was different.. that's probably the reason why I don't like it. I hope you will:D

I gotta go.
Bye bye.

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