2012... please be good to me.

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Bye bye 2011. I'm not gonna miss you.

2011 was not the best year in my life. Actually it was pretty bad year.
It was one important event which made him bad.
Actually everything started on December 25, 2010. My granny get sick. And it was worse and worse and worse... Christmas holiday sucked and everything sucked. I was in strooong depress. I had terrible marks at school, and everything got to hell.There were many great moments... New Year's celebration with my best friend, my ski trip to Italy... some amazing theater experiences. My four-day-long trip to Paris... but we left Prague the day my granny died. On April 7, 2011. I've never had another grand parents. Actually I had, but I can't remember them. I was too young. She means to me a lot... it still hurts. And it will ever hurt.
Paris was amazing. I was happy there. It was like... all problems I had just desapeared. I wasn't thinking about her death there. I decided to stop thinking about that. I wanted to visit Paris whole my life. I had a beautiful time there. Just every evening, when my mom fell asleep, I was crying...

After Paris, I was in Poland with school. We've visited Auschwitz... and Krakow. And that was really really depressive. But I'm glad I could go there. It was really interesting experience. On April 18... was funeral... and school photography taking. So I came to school, because I wanted to be at this photo... but I will always remember it like a day of my granny's funeral. But still, I didn't want to miss in this photo. It was the worse day in my life. Truly I can say this. Really.
I don't think I seemed to be as sad as I really was. I mean at school or for other people, but I was. A lot. It was the worse part of my life. Three days after, on April 21, I was on concert of Czech music group Kabát. It was amazing. It was one of the happy and great events. I really enjoyed that. Actually... everything started quite... I don't know how to say... just... one silly idiot almost killed me before concert started. Because I was in the front... we were running to be as close to the stage as we were and that silly idiot came and was trying to push me away from my place... and that hurt. I hate those people. I was there first. He was drunk and careless. I had a big bruise on my back and in one moment I thought I will pass out, because he dug elblow into my back, to my kidney. That was not COOL.
But everything was okay, when the concert started. I was just argueing with him a little before.

My 17th birthday was pretty awesome.
I had bilateral otitis media.
Oboustranný zánět středního ucha.
You know what? THAT HURTS. A LOT.
But I was in the theater with my best friend. Yeah. With Bilateral otitis media. It was April 29, it was hot, but I had to have a cap. My father didn't want to let me go... but Lis gave me ticket and I really wanted to see that musical. And it was pretty amazing. After the show, we met our favourite actor and I have his sign! Second sign actually, but that's not important. He's such a wonderful singer and actor. The show was great! I was crying how much I laughed!
The end of April and May were better. I was at Moravia on school excursion and then my friend from Carlsbad came to Prague to visit me for the first time alone. We met before, but only with one another friend.
I was worried about that, but it was great.
She loves taking photos as much as I do and she helped me with my final work to my art class.
That's another event, which was quite... hard this year. She was my model;) and many of those photos are really great:) Because of her, of course:D and because of luck. I'm not as good photographer as everyone says..:D On Sunday was the last hockey match at World Championship. Czech Republic vs. Russia.
7:4... Czech Republic won bronze.

Next week... I was in Brussels.
Yeah, I travel a lot. I love it. But this year it was too much. I didn't have any free weekend. I was really, really tired but still, I love Brussels. I was witness of real "Liberty for Tibet" demonstration. And I yelled "Tibet is not part of China" too! And I've seen a lot of interesting places... and I had one life experience, because I had to go back to Prague alone, without my mom, 'cause she stayed there because of some conference... and planes freak me out! Totally, I'm afraid of flying, a lot, really. Everyone seemed to me like a terorist and I was really nervous.:D At one moment, I found a gate no. 30, which was in first floor, there was no one. I sat there and I was thinking about that I will stay there and wait three days for my mom. But than I came into the plane, we take off and I had all three seats for myself and I was taking photos of the sunset. Everything was as fine as it could be and I came home safe.
imagebam.com imagebam.com
This was the end of my tour through the Europe...:D
The only think which was on my mind?
FINAL WORKS to my art class.
I had to made black and white versions of my photos, draw some drawings and put everything together to one big project. That was not as easy as it seems to be. I thought it's not good. My mom told me it is, my dad the same but... I just didn't believe in myself as much as I should. My topic was simple. Feelings in photography and in drawing. I had got six feelings, two photos for every feeling except one, which had got three photos and one drawing for each feeling except the last one, which was an anger and didn't have any drawing. I had something around... 100 photos from my photo weekend, and I had to choose 13. In the end, I chose just six... and another seven photos I chose from my archive of the year 2011. Thanks to my tourist's experiences, I had a lot of photos.

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
Some small parts from my final project up there.
My teacher told me it's great. He gave me A. That's good.
The best project I've seen this year was by my classmate David. He did a big model of Notre Dame. We thought he's crazy, but he amazed everyone by his project. But I am proud of mine. One guy, who did finals two years ago, told my teacher, that he thinks it's really good. He actually told him, that he would do everything different on his project now (he's taken photos too) but he would not be able to do something I did. Or something like that:D I was sooo happy someone said that. I would like to kiss him for it!
The only think which my teacher told me against my project was that it's quite depressive. I had four negative feelings and just two possitive... happiness and hope... and as you can see, they are not very... significant. It has a reason. I was in really depressive period of my life. All those negative feeling were feeling I really felt since Christmas. Sadness, anger, loneliness and hopelessness... and those few moments when I was happy or I felt hope that everything is gonna be better, it disapeared really fast. It was not as bad at the end of school year, but it was not good either. But I didn't told him this reason. I just said that i had better photos of "bad" feelings.
I almost forgot about my birthday celebration no. 2... it was whole weekend with my friends and some... activities... I'm not atletic kind of person... so I didn't enjoy it as much as last year and I didn't appreciate that as mus as last year... but some... short moments were fine...

The end of school year 2010/2011 was hard. Like every year. I was in sixth grade... it's like the second grade at normal high school... Now I am in seventh and everything is too close to future. Everything is too fast. I would love to stop time for a while. I'm not prepeared for a real life. I am still a child. But I have to decide what to do in my life.. and I have no idea... really, I don't know.

We are celebrating last day of school with my family. My big bro didn't join us, but we - I and my parents - were in one great Greek restaurant for a lunch as every year. It's our tradition. When I was in the underground, I've seen a small poster... invitation to one concert... to The Offspring... so...
Holidays! Two months of freedom!
On July 1, 2011, I was with my friend Carrie in the cinema... at The Hangover 2... it was... interesting:D But it was fine:D And the main thing was that I saw her after a long time. Actually last summer was not anything special. Maybe just a few moments were different than othes previous holidays. I have in my diary one date, July 27, 2011 where is written: WHY???! and I have no idea what happened that day:D I have to ask somebody. Anyway. I was in Carlsbad for a week... actually fot six days I think... visit my friend Anette at Karlovy Vary international film festival. It was... uhm.. it was fine I think... Actually, it was like on the roller coster... great and bad in the same time. Sometimes fine, sometimes not as good as it could be. Anette freaked me out a little... just sometimes and I never told her, but ... now it's pretty riddiculous but in that moment I get angry... we've seen just three movies... because we didn't want to wake up soon. Actually, I was decided to wake up early but she never did. Just on Friday, the day we have seen those three movies. I understand... no one want to wake up at 7 a.m. when he doesn't have to. Actually no one wants to wake up at 7 a.m. even if he has to:D but it was the only way how to buy some tickets... Another thing which freaked me out. Her hair!:D She told me that she's not comming out, because it's rain and her hair could curl... another thing...:D I broke my photo camera... just a little, nothing dramatic, but I broke one objective. It was because of he parrot, who flew out of the cage, It scared me and I threw a tripod with the camera... okay, it was mainly my fault. But what really upset me... was that she was still saying again and again: "It was not my fault."
Okay, okay, I bumped into the tripod, but it was her parrot... and it was she, who want to force him to get out... I would appreciate something like...: "It's gonna be okay. I'm sorry, I didn't know you will get scared so much." No. She didn't tell me anything like that. I was like: Oh god, my dad is gonna kill me... and she was still saying: It was not my fault. I hope she's not going to read this article...:D doesn't matter... I didn't tell her that I am angry and now it's long time ago, so it doesn't matter if she will find it out...:D But whole visit was fine, it was fun, especially on Friday, we met Ivan Trojan and I have phoo with him..:D It's famous Czech actor and I like him a lot. But Thursday was awesome, too... in the evening we came to concert of Mako!Mako, where was just one member, but he did something with... some big electric box and he did really great music show...:D and after him came Eddie Stoilow, which is Czech Music group. They are really great, I love them.
I wrote about that in summer.
Next event. Hmm. Probably last part of Harry Potter movies? Yeah, I think so. I saw that twice. One time with Czech dabing and the second time in original, in English. That was actually the main reason why I have seen this movie twice. Because I wanted to see that in Czech but Carrie like more the English version, so... I'm sure that original version is much better, but I was so young when first movie was, I saw that in Czech, I saw all movies in Czech language, I'm just used to it. Hear it in English is... weird... for me...:D
I'm not going to talk about all important events in my life... just about some of them. One of them was concert I was talking about. The Offspring. It was pretty awesome and I wrote one really loooong article about that so I'm not going to write that again. If you want, you can read it here< I will never forget that;) My bro left me there alone... and it was maybe even better...:D

Oh my goood, it's too long! I can't write about my whole year! I'm getting crazy...:D Oh shit! I almost forgot! My cousin got married. And another thing, his fiancee was pregnant... and we didn't even know about that... because everyone thought we know that but we didn't. Actually I did... I did know about that since the funeral. I thought she's pregnant, but they didn't tell us anything so... I thought I'm not right and I let it be... but she really was pregnant. And now, they have a little beautiful girl. She's so sweet. I love her:) I saw her once, but she's amazing and cute:) Anyway... the wedding was pretty interesting... it was rain and it supposed to be out but it shouldn't so... it was in an old barn... i know, it was not ideal, but it was nice. They're made for each other.

Well... school year 2011 - 2012 started.
My last year before maturita. I'm gonna have finals in 2013.
It suppose to be the best year. Last year of freedom. But it's not. For now. Maybe it will be. We'll see. Nothing very important happened. Some amazin' theater and movie experiences... I started to dance again. I was in Barcelona and it was awesome. I really love Spain, I'm going to Spain this summer with my two best friends and that will be amazing too. I had... and actually still have some problems with my back. shoulder blade hurts me a lot. Right now actually took some rehabilitations but I think that it didn't work.

[El amor espaňol; by me:D]

I was visiting cinema a lot. Quite a lot. I've seen:
Midnight in Paris
Three Musketeers
The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn part 1
The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp
... and that's all I thing... :D The best one was definitely Midnight in Paris, that was cool... and the worst one was... probably... Three Musketeers. That was bulshit! I'm sorry, but hte only possitive thing about that movie was Luke Evans in role of Aramis. The only thing which is still the same like in books are names of main characters. I've seen many other movies. On the internet. For example 50/50. That is really good movie, I like it... it's with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he's awesome there... I love that movie, really love. And many many other movies which I don't remember...:D

Finally. Christmas time is here.
Christmas holidays... Yeah. It was fine. I love Christmas! I really love them. But everything was quite different. First Christmas without my granny... you know... weird. Better than last year of course. I have some amazing new stuff. Calendar, earings which are totally perfect, dvd's, new CD... I don't know what more..:D Actually I know but I'm too lazy for telling you everything soo.. :D But I have an amazing diary from my best friend!
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
You know what is amazing? I have tickets to one concert! To Red Hot Chili Peppers! I'm going this Summer with my friend Carrie and that's gonna be totally perfect! Red Hot Chili Peppers is my favorite music group since I was thirteen. That was always my dream and this dream comes true... :D But that's another topic. This is the end of article about year 2011. I can't mention everything what happened in 2011. Many nice things... many bad bad things... many things I can think about...
So 2012... please... be good to me... I need it.
- Anni.

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