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28. october 2011 at 13:08 | Anni. |  updates
[A Thousand Years - Christina Perri]

Hello everybody, how are you? I'm fine now... Yesterday, I spend whole afternoon with my best friend, so it was fun. We were in the cinema... on The Three Musketeers... and it was really... interesting:D That's not right word... it was crap... really, I don't like this movie, it was more like a parody than real Three Musketeers... it have to be parody, some... very, very BAD joke, because that was unbelievable! :D Only think, which was the same like in the book were names of main characters. I like actors, whose played there... but... like a movie... it was really really bad. Oh my god, that was one of the worst movie I have ever seen. Okay, maybe I'm too strict but… really… it were not three musketeers. It was CRAZY!:D Only thing, which I really LOVED was the fact, that Luke Evans played Aramis… and I totally fell in love with him… with Luke Evans and with Aramis played by him, too. One thing is totally for sure. I will never forget this movie. Or, I will not forget it for a long… :D

Aramis - Like I said, I fell in love with Luke Evans, so I made a wallpaper with him. I don't know what I could tell you about it... I just loved these two photos, I opened Photoshop and did it... and I quite like is. Hope you like it too.

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